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Medycyna Praktyczna, April 7, 2022

We collected the first PLN 100,000 in two days. The largest payment so far was PLN 540,288. We sent eight shipments to hospitals in Ukraine, the most recent one this past week.

Military Hospital in Lviv

We regularly deliver medical equipment donated directly as well as medical equipment purchased from donated funds, bringing it to the door of hospitals and handing it directly over to the doctors cooperating with us.

We have been to Kharkiv and Lviv three times, one time to Mościska and Kiev. We took, among other devices, a mobile X-ray and ultrasound machines, operating tables, infusion pumps, and over 1,500 surgical instruments. The last transport - to Lviv - included a mobile X-ray machine and kits for external stabilization. Next week we will publish a report from our visit to the hospital at Łyczakowska.

Military Hospital in Lviv

The value of medical supplies provided so far exceeds PLN 1,226,000. The largest share of funds went to the purchase of specialized equipment - surgical instruments, operating tables and X-ray machines - the amount of approximately PLN 987,000. We spent approximately PLN 130,000 on first aid kits and tactical equipment (tourniquets, haemostatic dressings). Wound dressing materials cost about PLN 52,000, and miscellaneous funds needed for hospital care (including transfusion sets, catheters, needles, syringes) were approximately PLN 57,000.

We appreciate and thank you for each payment, whether it is PLN 5 or PLN 500,000. The most generous donor is Ouest-France, a daily newspaper published in Brittany, which in the collection announced on its pages raised €120,000 (the amount was transferred to the account in PLN).

Collection status on April 8 at 2 p.m. is:
PLN 1,063,959.21
EUR 25,958.00

On the way to Lviv

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