Effectively and economically

Anna Zawiślak, Ewa Stanek-Misiąg
Medycyna Praktyczna, November 29, 2022

Russia’s invasion on Ukraine has been going on for 9 months now. Ukraine still needs our help. The country is more and more exhausted by the horrors of war.

Thanks to the fundraiser organised by Medycyna Praktyczna and the Institute for Emergency Medicine, up until this moment we’ve managed to ship to Ukraine medical equipment and resources worth over 3,5 million USD.
The value of the donations is very important, but equally crucial in providing aid is its effectiveness. With our work model, in which every request for support is carefully analysed by our medical and public health experts, we can conduct a reliable assessment of people’s needs. That assessment is our starting point towards finding appropriate, reliable equipment. It’s our top priority to make sure the equipment is in working order and reliable. That doesn’t mean the equipment has to be the most expensive.

Over 3,5 million USD aid for Ukraine in the form of medical equipment means:

  • 6 467 surgical tools,
  • 1 205 sets of external fixators,
  • 1 202 accessories and parts that we provide so doctors can actually use or repair equipment that they already had,
  • 40 ICU beds and 200 mattresses,
  • 239 rehabilitation equipment
  • 64 multiparameter monitors,
  • 40 ultrasound devices,
  • 23 infusion pumps,
  • 22 ventilators,
  • 20 rapid infusors,
  • 37 pacemakers,
  • 9 operating room equipment (tables, lamps)
  • 7 blood analyzers,
  • 6 neonatal incubators,
  • 5 x-ray machines,
  • 3 surgical diathermy,
  • 17 728 tourniquets,
  • 1 125 IFAKs (first aid kits).

Purchasing this equipment without a probing analysis would’ve meant spending 6 million dollars. We’ve also managed to save a lot of money by providing accessories and spare parts instead of brand new equipment. Additional costs:

  • Shipping costs: 21 095,70 USD
  • External fees (duty, banking): 4 723,46 USD
  • Contractor fees (translators, warehouse staff): 5 163,94 USD
  • Money transferred to collaborating non-governmental organizations for the realization of joint projects (for example: nutrition, oncology care, helping orphanages): 13 428,41 USD

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