We cannot take any chances

Medycyna Praktyczna, March 24, 2022

Yesterday a shipment of surgical instruments was sent to Lviv, and tomorrow two operating tables, an X-ray machine and other sets for neurosurgery and vascular surgery will be shipped. There is already over PLN 1 million on the collection account.

Military hospital in Lviv

- We constantly supply surgeons involved in the creation of mobile surgical points at the initiative of military hospitals - emphasizes Anna Zawiślak, coordinator of the collection conducted by Medycynę Praktyczną and the Institute of Emergency Medicine. We also took on the task of equipping the rescue teams of the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces with first aid kits and personal protective equipment. The demand for these funds is growing every day.

Increasingly close cooperation with the Ukrainian ministries of health and defense, government agencies that coordinate humanitarian aid, and with non-governmental organizations from around the world that have formed a dedicated network allows us to effectively verify requests for support and coordination of aid. From now on, requests for drugs will be passed on to entities that are able to operate more effectively in this field than we do. The Governmental Agency for Strategic Reserves operates using simplified procedures.

X-ray device provided as part of the action

Our actions are scrupulously documented. However, because the aid is sent to active combat regions, we cannot publicly disclose certain details, such as the addresses of hospitals to which the aid is sent.
- We were advised to exercise extreme caution. We cannot risk the safety of the recipients of supplies - explains Zawiślak.

Collection status on March 24 at 2 p.m. is: PLN 922,090.01 and EUR 11,139.33.

Military hospital in Lviv

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