Getting help to where it’s most needed

Medycyna Praktyczna, March 13, 2022

In addition to sending vital equipment to a hospital in the Kharkiv region, an operation planned several days in advance, this past weekend we also arranged a shipment of medical supplies to Kiev on short notice.

Medycyna Praktyczna

- It was a quick response to an urgent need, mainly for surgical kits, after the hospital in Kiev admitted a huge number of wounded - reports Anna Zawiślak, who coordinated the collection and distribution of supplies on behalf of Medycyna Praktyczna and the Institute of Emergency Medicine. We were able to cover the demand because we had just received gifts from Germany, from PMM Medical.

You can take part in our fundraiser by providing material assistance or by donating money to buy items that we send to Ukraine.

How do we know what is needed? How do we determine where to send help?

Requests are sent via instant messaging, and all arrangements are made electronically.
Requests must be precise, that is, must contain a list of the exact kinds and amounts of products needed. Each request for support is verified - NGOs, government agencies, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense all exchange information so as not to duplicate aid.

In Ukraine, distribution, logistics and transport are quite challenging, as there is a shortage of drivers and vehicles. We ascertain whether demand for supplies can be met on site, with the equipment and resources located in Ukraine, and if so, how quickly. If it cannot be met, we designate one of our staff to arrange fulfillment.

Our shipments are made possible thanks to donations of supplies and through purchases financed through fundraisers. The needs are enormous - PLN 700,000 are needed for supplies requested by Lviv hospitals alone. In active combat areas, there is a lack of tourniquets, hemostatic dressings and other agents used in battlefield medicine.

We assure you that the assistance we provide to Ukraine is well thought-out and well organized.

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